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Roltay is proud to share the following news and project developments we are working on.

Top Stories

  • CSG and Roltay HVAC Analysis
    Partnership to develop new class of HVAC Analysis Software
    Roltay Inc. and Conservation Service Group (now part of CLEAResult), a national leader in providing energy conservation  services, are partnering to develop and release an enterprise class software platform that will allow technicians and inspectors to analyze typical mechanical A/C and heat pump systems with a much higher level of detail than is currently offered by any vendor in the market today.
  • Manual S
    Development of ACCA Manual S Software
    Roltay is currently working on a Manual S application that will help mechanical system designers select equipment and automatically adjust system capacities to reflect performance at local system design conditions. Roltay is underwriting most of the costs of this project, and hopes to create a standardized data schema that will allow any OEM manufacturer who desires to take advantage of the application to provide data for use by their contractors. It is also hoped the application will allow program implementers to quickly determine equipment "sizing" parameters and clear up many of the misunderstandings in the relationship between the ACCA Manual J load calculation process and proper equipment selection.