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Roltay can provide a broad range of services or very specific services depending on program design and customer needs. Below is a short list of services we have provided for our clients:

Energy Star

Program Design and Implementation
Successful programs start with careful and thoughtful understanding market actor behaviors. A key area of strength Roltay brings to the table is our intimate familiarity and experience with the construction and mechanical industries as well as with dealing directly with customers in their homes.

Rooftop HVAC

Program Evaluation and Regulatory Support
Because of our understanding and ability to work with the construction and mechanical industries Roltay is able to perform analytical evaluations in collaboration with market actors. Because of our understanding of these fields and processes, we can often add additional scrutiny and measurements as to the feasibility of measures for a given job and site conditions.

IR Analysis

What can we say - we do a lot of training. We can walk the walk, and talk the talk. Our ability to work side-by-side with technicians to offer field, or hands-on training is very difficult to match. Many of our trainees often call us - even out of program context to help them later on with troubleshooting or difficult jobs!

Blown-in Cellulose

Quality Control
We have developed extensive data tracking systems, as well as actual stand-alone software applications to help us analyze jobs in real-time in the field, or en-mass on bulk data. Our Get-Cool application is an example of portable (PDA/handheld) software that allowed us to evaluate A/C systems, technicians and providers while recording results for uploading and additional analysis later on. The same application was also used in a large scale HVAC monitoring effort to validate data logging sensor placements and measurements.

Manual S Software

Program Administration
We have implemented programs directly for utilities and regulators. We may be a small company, but we are often more effective because we have little to no ramp-up time, and can get to market actors fast.